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Your baby’s future health begins here

At Aptaclub, we believe that experience helps to build resilience; that each new encounter, whether in pregnancy or after birth, can shape your baby’s future development. With our scientific expertise and one-to-one round the clock support, we can help you and your baby embrace tomorrow.



The first 1000 days of your baby’s life provide a unique opportunity to influence an entire lifetime of development.

From conception and pregnancy through to birth and toddlerhood, our stage-based articles offer expert advice that could help you to nurture a more resilient future for your child.

More from Aptaclub

  • active for 2

    Active for 2

    When you exercise in pregnancy, your baby exercises too. Studies show that pregnancy exercise has many benefits for both of you, so pick a sport and find a trimester based workout for you today.
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  • eating for 2, pregnancy diet

    Eating for 2

    Eating for 2 shouldn’t mean eating twice as much; it should mean eating a healthy pregnancy diet. Feel inspired by healthy pregnancy recipes created by our expert nutritionists and TV chef Lorraine Pascale.
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  • 7 wonders of breast milk

    7 wonders of breast milk

    Breast milk is incredible, multifaceted, and fascinating. And as we’re able to discover more and more about its composition, more unexpected and amazing properties are being revealed.
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Preparing for Birth App

Pregnancy & Birth App

Feel confident from early pregnancy to preparing for your baby’s arrival with advice from our midwives, ready-made checklists, event reminders and a contraction timer for when the time comes!

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Questions about feeding and nutrition?

Our midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch.

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Breast milk provides complete nutrition from day one, with LCPs for brain, eye and nervous system development and antibodies to strengthen immunity.

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